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We aim to show photography-lovers some of North America’s most treasured scenic lo c ations


The Story

Back in 2013, there was a photographer who found himself in need of inspiration–something to re-awaken his love of photography. He searched and searched for beautiful scenery within driving distance of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and fell in love with the Southwestern States. One trip led to another and in the winter of 2015, he led his first tour group. Soon, he had his own custom touring van, and met many wonderful people who shared his love for the beautiful places he found.


The Main Characters

Rodney has been a photographer in Winnipeg since 2000. With five solo art shows and two books to his credit, Rodney currently teaches at Red River College.   

Rodney S. Braun

Your Tour Guide

Sonya wears many hats in life as a mom, writer, and musician. She also takes care of bookkeeping, communications, and website development.

Sonya Braun

Behind the Scenes


We aim to show photography-lovers 

some of North America’s 

most treasured scenic locations 

while providing an 

unforgettable experience

filled with learning, laughing, 

and lots to see. 

Whether you are a professional, 

or just getting interested in photography, 

you will enjoy the opportunity to get out in nature 

and see the most incredible sights. 


We try to keep our tours small enough to 

facilitate individual attention. 

Often, group members are eager to offer help 

and share knowledge as well. 

By the end of a tour, we feel like family. 


The Process



Decide which tour is the right one for you this year.



Send us an email or call us with any questions you have.



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Rodney Braun has been a photographer in Winnipeg since 2000. With five solo art shows and two books to his credit, Rodney is establishing himself as an artist in Manitoba and beyond. Rodney is known for his innovative use of light, movement, and setting in depicting the human body with grace and dignity.


Well-recognized by his peers and well-loved by those he photographs, Rodney finds great satisfaction in working with people.  Rodney currently teaches at Red River College and has been on the Board of the Professional Photographers of Canada.  He is a two-time winner of the title “Photographer of the Year” with the Professional Photographers of Canada-Manitoba, as well as winning numerous awards nationally.


What you can Expect 

We believe that building relationship is of primary importance. 

We believe in learning together and sharing what we know. 

We believe that witnessing the beauty that God has created is a necessity, not a luxury. 

We believe that every person, being made in God’s image, deserves respect.

We believe in having fun!

We believe in providing as many opportunities for creating incredible images as possible. 


Gallery Showcase

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Death Valley

Zion National Park 

California Paradise

Monument Valley 

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